Rights & Responsibilities

District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

The Fife School District believes that parent(s) and guardian(s) are important partners in the process of corrective action, in response to student misconduct.  To this end, school authorities shall make every reasonable attempt to involve the parent or guardian and the student in the resolution of student misconduct problems.

Citizenship guarantees each student certain rights, but also requires the acceptance of corresponding responsibilities.  It is expected that students will obey the law, adhere to the policies of the school district, and comply with rules and regulations implementing these policies.  In addition, the student is expected to safeguard the property of the school and to respect the rights and privileges of others. Administrators and teachers also have rights and duties.  The teacher is required by law to maintain a suitable environment for learning and administrators have the responsibility for maintaining and facilitating the educational program.

This handbook is adopted and distributed pursuant to RCW 28A.600.010 and WAC Chapter 180-40, which prescribes substantive and procedural due process rights of students and should be interpreted in accordance with those regulations.  A copy of all applicable board policies, procedures, statutes, and regulations mentioned herein may be obtained from the office of the superintendent.

This handbook also complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, P.L. 101-226.  

Compliance with standards of conduct is mandatory.

District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and Accompanying Appendices

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