Reopening Survey

Reopening Family Survey
Posted on 07/09/2020

July 9, 2020

A message from Superintendent Alfano and the Fife Board of Directors, 

Planning continues for reopening safely in the fall

Fife Public Schools is moving forward with rich discussions and planning for an instructional model that abides by current state guidelines and best meets the needs of families. We have provided detailed information at the conclusion of this message.

We will continue to explore ways to open in a traditional sense, but school will be different in the fall and the state is asking us to plan for instruction that protects health and safety.  As such, we will narrow our focus on one of three instructional models recently under evaluation. 

With the combined efforts of our team, and feedback submitted from nearly 900 parents (click here for survey results), the recommendation was provided to the School Board to move forward in focused planning for a Hybrid A/B Schedule Instructional model.  This model would allow for 2 days of in-person instruction, and 3 days of continuous (distance) learning each week.  Summer planning will focus on the implementation and details of this model across grade levels, in addition to an evolution of our continuous (distance) learning model 2.0 in the event we need to adapt based on the potential of future outbreaks. 

We will be required to implement health and safety measures (social distancing, face coverings, symptom checks, and cleaning protocols) when school starts in September. We will continue to monitor changes and new guidance from the health department and keep you informed.

Planning will continue to be a collaborative effort among our district staff, FEA and PSE partners, school representatives and board members.  We want to thank everyone for their hard work and families who completed our Continuous Learning and Reopening Schools surveys.  We will continue to use the data from both surveys collected as we make decisions in the upcoming weeks.   

To conclude, we recognize that anything other than a traditional opening is a hardship on families and the idea of more distance learning causes concern.  We want to assure you that as we narrow our focus on an instructional model our priority is to finalize on a format that provides as much face-to-face time with educators and peers in schools as possible with safety a priority.

As we continue to plan and prepare for school in the fall, we need additional information from you regarding your choice for your child(ren). 

At this point in time, we need you to help us by logging into Skyward’s Family Access and indicate the learning model you would prefer for your child(ren) for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. You will provide this information for each of your children. This information will help us solidify our plan for reopening and prepare for staffing and classroom arrangements. Your selection, at this point, is not binding, but will help us with our planning.  We need this information from you by July 16, 2020.  You can see the details of the options directly below. 

To log into Skyward Family Access: visit
For instructions on how to log into Skyward Family Access and complete the survey, please click here.

We will do a follow up declaration in August, asking each family to commit to a binding choice for their child’s/children’s learning for the first half of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Additional Information and Details
A district task force has been working to develop our plan for a return to learning this fall in alignment with state and health department guidance. Last month we conducted a survey which received very helpful responses from our community. 

On July 1, 2020, our district leadership team presented the following results and information from that survey to our school board:  

  • 78% of respondents expressed the highest need for their children this fall is a return to in-person instruction by teachers, utilizing a hybrid model of learning.
  • 14.9% of respondents preferred a full online model.
  • 4.1% of respondents indicated they would be enrolling their children elsewhere.
  • 3.1% of respondents planned on homeschooling their children.
  • The top 3 Safety and Health concerns were:
    • Classrooms and other student gathering places not properly disinfected (46.4%)
    • Public health regulations not being followed (44.3%)
    • Readjustment to classroom or school life (42.4%)

Guidance we considered for Return to Learning:

Process we followed for Return to Learning:

  • Determine Fife Public School physical classroom space, per school.
  • Determine if “all kids back at the same time” is feasible given Health and Safety Requirements.
  • Determine which of the 3 “Scheduling Concepts for Consideration” we recommend.
    • Split/rotating schedules with Continuous Learning 2.0 (CL2)
    • Phased-in opening with Continuous Learning 2.0
    • Continuous Learning 2.0

Return to Learning Concept Recommendation to School Board:

  • Split/rotating schedules with Continuous Learning 2.0 (Grades 2-12)
    • A/B schedule
    • ‘A’ students attend In-Person School on Monday/Tuesday
      • ‘B’ students undertake At-Home School utilizing Continuous Learning 2.0 Monday/Tuesday
    • ‘B’ students attend In-Person School on Thursday/Friday
      • ‘A’ students undertake At-Home School utilizing Continuous Learning 2.0 Thursday/Friday
    • Wednesdays to be used for teacher planning/training and providing support for identified students. 
    • Our goal is to have our K-1 students, at Discovery Primary School, attend school 4 days a week, assuming student/staff ratios safely allow this goal.

Our school board unanimously approved of this hybrid recommendation.

At this time, and related to survey results detailed above, we need further, specific input from families as to their choices for the fall. We will use the input to determine staffing, health/safety, learning, and other support needs and models.  Families will be asked to choose between:

  • Hybrid A/B Model:  Offer face-to-face learning for all students, with 50% of students at school at a time.  Continuous Learning 2.0 for the at home school days, with teacher contact. Every effort will be made to keep students from the same family on the same schedule.

  •  Full time At-home learning: Students would learn at home, utilizing the Continuous Learning 2.0 framework, working with Fife teachers. 

  • Withdraw from Fife Public Schools: Intend to homeschool child(ren).

The district will be prepared to move in and out of the hybrid and full online models based on state or health department directives. 

Thank you,

Kevin Alfano

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