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UPDATED 3/30/20: Free Meals During Emergency Closure
Posted on 03/30/2020

Fife Feeds UPDATE! 3/27/2020

Our condensed routes went smoothly, only going through neighborhoods once.  We noted that larger groups came to several stops than we expected.  We have added a few more stops to the routes, with estimated times of arrival.  

While waiting for the bus to arrive, PLEASE observe social distancing.  Remain in your car, or stand at least 6 feet away from the folks in front of you.  Our playgrounds are CLOSED because we cannot sanitize the equipment, and we cannot keep kids from playing close to one another.

The added stops for our new MAIN routes are below: (see asterisks**)

Route 1 (Milton, Edgewood, Hedden)
1703 Milton Way (Faith Family Church parking lot) 10:30-10:45 (extended stop for walk-up/drive up)
27th Ave at Alder St (Sundance Apts)  Estimated stop 10:50
S 380th st at 26th Dr S (Kings Grove) Estimated stop 10:55
S 380th St at 21st Pl S (Hillcreek) Estimated stop 10:55
S 379th St at 20th Pl  Ct (Hillcreek)  Estimated stop 10:55
**S 380th St at 35th Way S (Meadow Glen) Estimated stop 11:05
S 380th St and 38th Ave S (Meadow Glen) Estimated stop 11:05
**S 380th St at 42nd Ave S (Meadow Glen) Estimated stop 11:05
S 384th St/County line Rd E at 49th Ave S turn around Estimated stop 11:10
49th Ave S at S 372nd St   Estimated stop 11:12
Hedden Elementary 11:20-12:00 (extended stop for walk-up/drive up)
119th Ave E at 8th St E Estimated stop 12:05
114th Ave E (Interurban trail head) Estimated stop 12:10
Military Rd S at S 372nd St Estimated stop 12:15

Route 2 (Fife Apartments, Saddle Creek, Radiance, Discovery, Hylebos)
6501 20th St E (Willow Green Apts)/6643 20th St E (Rainier Pointe Apts) Estimated 10:30
2104 62nd Ave E (Fife Village)  Estimated Stop 10:40  2126 62nd Ave (The Park Apts) Estimated stop 10:40            
2308 62nd Ave E (Sherwood Park) Estimated stop 10:45    2524 62nd Ave E (Pointe East Apts) Estimated stop 10:45    
Radiance Blvd E at Oxbow Ave E (at the Park) Estimated stop 10:50
43rd St E at 66th Ave E (Saddle Creek, 43rd St pull off) Estimated stop 11:00
**40th St Ct E at 61st Ave E (Saddle Creek)  Estimated stop 11:03
2800 Queens Way (Surprise Lake Village Apts) Estimated stop 11:10   **See MiniVan Route #4 below
Discovery Primary, Milton Campuses 11:20-12:00 (extended stop for walk-up/drive up)
19th Ave at Birch Ct   Estimated stop 12:05
Alder St at 17th Ave  Estimated stop 12:08
17th Ave at Hylebos Ave  Estimated stop 12:10
22nd Ave Ct at Alder St  Estimated stop 12:14

Route 3 (Fife Heights, Benteen Loop, Pacific Hwy, Ch Rainier Apts) **See Time Updates!
10th St E at 68th Ave E (Fife Heights) Estimated stop 10:40
4th St E at 64th Ave Ct E  Estimated stop 10:45
Northwood Ave NE at Cedarcrest St NE Estimated stop 10:55
70th Ave E at 12th St E Estimated stop 11:05
5719 15th St E (Old Grange) Estimated stop 11:10
4th St E at 55th Ave E (Benteen Loop) Estimated stop 11:15
5003 Pacific Hwy E/Willow Rd E (behind old Bank of America, behind burger King) Estimated stop 11:25
4600 16th St E (Chateau Rainier Apts)  11:30-11:45  ** Bus will make multiple stops inside of the complex, at every outside corner of the complex
**3021 Pacific Hwy E (GuestHouse Fife Motel) Estimated stop 12:00 (this stop moved to the end of the route)

MiniVan Route 4 (Pacific Hwy, Sunridge Apts, SL Village Apartments)
8323 Pacific Hwy E (Spring Valley Mobile Park)  Estimated stop 10:30
70th Ave E at 5th St Ct E (Sunridge Apts) Estimated stop 10:30
**70th Ave E at 5th St Ct E  Estimated stop 10:35
**2800 Queens Way (Surprise Lake Village Apts) Estimated stop 11:15

(These stops are for special services --- will have extras for the public)

In addition to the 4 routes, there will be a distribution station at Fife HS: FHS STATION, GYM SIDE 10:30-12:30

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