Special Education

Special Education services are provided to resident students with disabilities who are evaluated and found eligible under Federal IDEA and state regulations.  Fife directly serves children ages 3-21.  We also provide services indirectly through partnerships for eligible children who are  younger than three.
Each school has special education program services available. If you suspect your child has a disability and may be eligible for services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you may make a referral to consider initial evaluation.; Speak to your child's teacher or the school counselor for more information. Parents of transfer students should inform the school's enrollment secretary/registrar of any existing IEP eligibility, documents  or history when enrolling, so we may request records promptly. You may contact the Student Services Office directly at (253) 517-1030 for additional  information.

In order to request special education records for a student formerly served here in Fife please email your written request to [email protected] or fax to (253) 517-1053 attention Lynda Lesley.



Childfind is an opportunity to have your child screened and evaluated for special education eligibility. In addition to referrals through a child's school, Childfind is also offered to other families within the district, including:

* Parents of preschool and school aged children who reside in the district, but are not enrolled (typically preschool and pre-K)

* Parents who reside in the district and are homeschooling

* Parents of children who are enrolled in a State Approved Private school located within the Fife School District boundary

* Children and students experiencing homelessness who are sheltered within the boundary

If you are a resident of Fife School District, but have enrolled your child in a private school outside the district boundary, please contact the district where the private school is located to request Childfind services. Your private school principal or director may assist you with this contact.

To learn more about Childfind, you may contact your neighborhood school that serves other children in the same age range as your child. If you are unsure which school to contact, feel free to contact the Student Services Office for assistance at (253) 517-1030.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Special Education students and their parents have protections and safeguards under state and federal law.

You may view and/or download the most current version of these Procedural Safeguards by clicking on the link below.


You may also request a copy of the safeguards from our office to be mailed to you, if you are unable to print your own. Call (253) 517-1030 or email the Student Services Office at [email protected]. Please provide your full name and complete mailing address when making your request.

You may find out more about special education program expectations and activities in the state of Washington by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting OSPI.

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